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Icert for Development of Agriculture Systems (icert) acts as a certification body with the aim to support the development of organic agriculture and good agricultural practice in Egypt. Certification will help producers and processors to produce organic  products with a quality and conformity which guarantees an access and entrance to European and other international markets.

To justify the confidence of the suppliers as well as the accreditation body, the following principles are applicable for all icert staff as well as clients:

a.    Nondiscriminatory approach: icert certification systems are accessible for all suppliers (farms or firms). The certification body acts in a non-discriminatory approach to all applicants.

b.    Impartiality and independence: The staff of icert inspection and certification systems are impartial and independent in their decisions regarding inspection and certification. icert does not supply or design products of the type it certifies, and does not provide any other products or services which could compromise the confidentiality, objectivity or impartiality of its certification process and decisions.  icert also never gives advice or provide consultancy services to the applicant.

c.    Transparency and openness: All rules and regulations of the certification body are clear and known to the applicants through printed materials, electronic publications on icert website, workshops, seminars and training programs for all kinds of operators.

d.    Sense of responsibility: Every member of icert knows about his/her responsibility, and the certification body guarantees its full responsibility regarding any activity he/she is doing.

e.    Clearness of the objectives: All objectives within the certification process are tangible and in accordance to the described standard procedures.

f.     Experience and competence: icert is highly experienced and competent. The personnel represent different areas in agriculture and are able to serve the different sectors of all interested parties. Training of the personnel is a continual aim with high priority to enhance staff competence. icert management makes every effort to ensure proper communication and full understanding of quality policy among all staff members.

g.    Continual Development:  icert declares itself for further and continual development of the certification body and its procedures, through the communication with the world societies of organic farming as well as good agricultural practices.

To support these aims, icert has established a quality system according to ISO 17065, documented in this quality manual and the associated standard procedures.

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