Logo Use


    Rules for the Use of icert Logo:

   The icert Logo


i.      The icert logo can be used for Organic .scheme by any client certified by icert.


ii.     The logo cannot be used on a product, on primary product packing, on certificates of conformity or in any way that may be interpreted as denoting product conformity.


iii.    The logo cannot be used by sites or activities not included in the scope; by licensees of a certified company or in any misleading manner.


iv.    icert logo when used on Client’s stationary should have size lower than the size of the client logo.


v.     Any misuse for icert logo such as using the logo on packages of products not certified by icert or not included in icert scope of accreditation give icert the rights to apply sanctions which can be appealed according to icert appealing procedure.



1.     The accreditation body logo shall not be used by any mean by icert  Clients.

2.     Accreditation body Logo is used on icert stationary (Letterhead with a size smaller than icert logo and according to accreditation body approval).

3.     Accreditation body Logo is used on icert website as indication for icert accreditation body.





To ensure that the correct markings are used, the following rules shall be observed by all companies who receive certification through icert:

1.          A written approval from icert is required before using of its logo by using the request for using icert      logo    (ADM-060)

2.                 The logo shall be displayed only in the appropriate form, size and color.

3.          Reproduction of the logo shall be based on the master versions supplied by icert.

4.            icert certificate holders may use the appropriate icert logo according to the manner described in Rules of Using of  icert Logo form (ADM-322) on publicity material such as Stationary (Letterhead), Brochures, marketing material, as well as Client Website.

5.                    When icert logo is printed, it shall be displayed in a size not larger than the certificate holder logo

6.           icert shall audit the use of icert logo by the certificate holders during inspection.

7.           icert reserve the right to suspend or withdraw the certificate in case of the misuse of icert logo; icert shall inform the certificate holder(s) with the case in a written manner for immediate actions otherwise icert  shall take the required legal action.

8.           The operator has to pay icert fees before using icert Logo according to the organic operation contract signed with icert.