ISO-17021 Use of mark



After the successful evaluation of Organizations, they are sent the relative Certificate and the marks of ICERT. The mark of ICERT, is the property ICERT and has been registered to the relevant state bodies. The mark of Accreditation Body is the property of the respective body and used only after the accreditation of ICERT. In case of withdrawal of the relevant Accreditation of ICERT, ICERT immediately informs all Certified Organizations to immediately cease the use of the mark. The ICERT mark together with the certificate of Conformity is exclusively used by the Organization for which it was issued and is not transferable. The use of the ICERT mark onto the organization's products so as to indicate conformity of products or services is prohibited. Use of the mark of ICERT so as to indicate conformity of products or services is considered misleading, amounts to Non-Conformity and causes the suspension of the Certificate. The ICERT mark may be used under the following conditions:

·         in combination with the name of the certified organization / or the its corresponding certified section and with a clear reference the scope with reference to the number of the granted certificate.


·         In combination with the "Certified Quality Management System" indication and refers to the Certification Standard.

       The Organization must use the Certification Mark with the specific proportions and colors that are delivered by ICERT.

        In any case, the executives of ICERT are willing to assist the Organization before the use of marks, in order to ensure the correct application of this paragraph.

        The indication that the product is covered by the certification scheme must be shown in the same language as used for labeling, for example: “Organic Farming” in combination with ICERT Mark.

If clients want to indicate their products as shown they must also name ICERT as the certification body. 

ICERT mark can be used as sign of conformity with (QMS marks and IAF logo. The conditions concerning the use of the ICERT mark are determined in the Rules of Use of ICERT Mark (ADM-322), namely


1.     A written approval from ICERT is required before using of its mark by using the request for using ICERT mark (ADM-060)

2.     The mark shall be displayed only in the appropriate form, size and color.

3.     Reproduction of the mark shall be based on the master versions supplied by ICERT

4.     The Accreditation body Mark shall not be used by any mean.

5.     ICERT certificate holders may use the appropriate ICERT mark according to the manner described in Rules of Using of ICERT Mark form (ADM-322) on publicity material such as Stationary (Letterhead), Brochures, marketing material, as well as Client Website.

6.     When ICERT Mark printed, it shall be displayed in a size not larger than the certificate holder logo

7.     ICERT shall audit the use of ICERT mark by the certificate holders during inspection.

8.     ICERT reserve the right to suspend or withdraw the certificate in case of the misuse ICERT mark; ICERT shall inform the certificate holder(s) with the case in a written manner for immediate actions otherwise ICERT shall take the required legal action.